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Friday , March 5 2021

What Are Some CompBenefits Dental Insurance

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Trying to find a decent dental plan for your family that will not break the bank? Well you might want to have a quick look at CompBenefits dental insurance plans as they seem to get the best coverage for their members and try to save them as much as they possibly can. CompBenefits Dental offers 7 different dental plans which aim to cover all that you or your family might want when it comes to looking after your dental health.

With the plans from this dental insurance company, the benefits provided are varied and significant and it will appeal to anyone who is trying to find a great plan at a reasonable cost.

AdvantagePlus Plan:

In this plan, preventive services, such as exams and cleanings, are 100% covered and most other common dental procedures are covered for a small, fixed co-payment. Specialist services are offered for the same fixed co-payments or on a discount basis and members can seek treatment with any network dentist. For any procedure not specifically listed, you can enjoy a 20% discount off and both adult and child orthodontics are available at fixed co-payments. There are Flexible deductibles, no claims to file, flexible waiting periods and benefit maximums

C Series DHMO Plan:

In this plan, most preventive services are 100% covered and most other common dental procedures are covered for a fixed co-payment. Specialist services are discounted at 25%

There are no deductibles, no claims to file, or waiting periods of benefit maximums.

CS Series DHMO Plan:

This plan covers up to 60% on regular dental procedures. The plan does not cover services (except emergency care) received from out-of-network dentists. There are no hidden costs as co-payments are scheduled.

Their Discount Plan:

In this plan, the in-network specialist dentists agree to discount their usual fees 20%. This plan does not discount services from out-of-network dentists.

Their PPO Plan:

By choosing the PPO Plan, members have the freedom to select any licensed dentist, with lower out-of-pocket costs when they select an in-network dentist. Members also have access to claims centers to give them fast handling of customer claims and reimbursements.

Their Scheduled Plan:

With this plan, members get access to quick claims centers and reimbursements are based on specified amounts for each procedure, so there are no surprises in store.

Their UCR Plan:

In this plan, member reimbursements are based on usual, customary and reasonable fees for dentists in their area.

See some more of the great benefits of Compbenefits dental insurance here to see where to get started, and check out some other top quality insurance plans that may be better suited for you with Affordable Dental Insurance.

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