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Sunday , August 2 2020

Don’t Brush Off Dental Plans

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It’s the everyday ritual, at least we all hope it is: Wake up and brush your teeth. Those who are really diligent may even brush at bedtime. As for flossing…well, you know you always mean to do it.

Offering a dental plan may seem like a lot to deal with when the cost of healthcare is constantly increasing. Cutting your healthcare costs, however, could be as simple as improving your employees’ dental hygiene.

Several studies including a recent one conducted by the World Health Organization clearly link good dental hygiene with a decrease in health-related issues.

Dental pain, cavities and the other dental maladies can cause lost work time and significantly affect productivity. (How hard will your employee work when his tooth is throbbing?) Poor dental hygiene also has been linked to several diseases including heart disease and stroke.

A basic dental plan with a large employee-payroll deduction is a great idea and can cost a company very little compared to the long-term health benefits and savings. For small companies, offering a dental plan is also a great recruiting tool when hiring employees with children.

Most plans have a limit on orthodontic costs so don’t worry: The braces on your employee’s son or daughter won’t hurt you as much as it may the child wearing them.

Some health care providers have dental options but many times those plans are skimpy and will result in more headaches for you in the long run.

When selecting a dental plan for your business, make sure you understand the plan, the network and how much it will really cost you and your people.

There are several things an employer should take into account:

1. How much will it cost per paycheck?

2. Will having the company pay a small share significantly reduce the overall cost of the plan?

3. What are the employees looking for in a dental plan?

4. Can you tie the dental plan to other benefits you are offering to reduce the costs?

In this era of employers taking away or significantly reducing benefits, it will be refreshing for a company to add or enhance their benefits offerings while at the same time possibly reducing their long-term costs.

By offering the right plan, you will see more smiles from your employees and their families and that may result in long term savings for your business.

(C) 2011 Jerry Ballard, Perfect People Solutions

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