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Wednesday , April 14 2021

A Revolution in Dental Aesthetics – Dental Implants


Most of the dentists do not procure formal training in implant dentistry. They undergo just some weekend crash courses, maybe for a month and they are ready to do their job. Then depending on their experience they gather pace in their job. The professional qualification of a dental implant dentist is accepted legally in different certifications in different countries.

The general dental council provides a postgraduate degree in implant dentistry. Dentists have to undergo this formal training if they want to do dental implants.

ADA(American dental association)

ADA does not comply any formal training. Any general dentist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist or periodontist is able to perform implants. But the complications for your dental implants may be high.

ABOI/OI(American board of oral implantology)

The certificate provided by this agency guarantee higher standards of implant surgery to the you.The experience and the educational standards of the dentists who have acquired this diploma vary considerably than a general dentist.

So you can rely on an implant dentist if he/she has 3 or 4 cases per day & not per year…

Consists of three parts:-

Dental Implants:-

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that can be surgically implanted into the mandible (lower jaw) or the maxilla (upper jaw).These are screw like objects made of Titanium. Recently this Titanium is used of a higher grade ie Grade 5. It is made up of an alloy of Aluminium (6%) and Vanadium (4%).Thus the chemical formula is

Ti 6Al-4V.They get fixed to your jaw bone through a process called ossointegration.

The jawbone fuses with Titanium alloy never to be parted.

The crown:-

The artificial tooth or the denture ie attached to the artificial tooth root. It looks & feels exactly like natural teeth.

The abutment

The metal part that joins the crown & dental implants. It protrudes little bit above the jaw.

Factors of dental implantation:-

Before you do your dental implantation you should be physically & mentally fit for the same.

Physical fitness includes not only oral health but it includes general body fitness. You should check your blood & your blood pressure just before you undergo any surgery.

The patient is sedated by giving anesthesia. The patient should be free from all oral diseases.

Mental fitness: The patient should have the will power to sit through the whole procedure.

Advantages of dental implantation:-

1) Your facial structure is restored. You don’t have to worry about your smile. You can smile confidently. The whole confidence in you is gained back by your dental implant.

2) Your jaw bone is also saved, as empty space in the jaw may cause damage to the jaw bone.

3) You can do this for a single tooth, one or two missing teeth or for a whole set of adjacent teeth.

4) If you are having difficulty to sit through the procedure for a long time, you can do in two sittings. You can do the extraction of your damaged tooth and place the implants in one sitting. In the second process or the restorative process the artificial crown is attached through the abutment. But make sure that one dentist do the surgical procedure & the restorative process.

5) Dental implants are less prone to fractures. The cost is also reasonable only 3000$.This is the basic cost as it can vary depending on the circumstances of each patient.

6) A much better choice than false teeth or multiple bridges, as they might come off.and

You may have to pay frequent visits to your dentists your purse will also soon be empty.

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