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Thursday , October 1 2020

Dental Insurance For Small Business Owners

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If you are a small business owner, the list of “extra” expenses that you incur by not being employed is long. Successful entrepreneurs are able to manage these expenses, both personal and business related, and keep them as low as possible. Running a successful business is not just about making money, it’s also about spending as little as possible by keeping monthly bills low. One expense that many self employed people find difficult to lower is the cost of dental insurance. Dental coverage is very necessary, but costly. There are, however, several ways to acquire affordable dental insurance for small business owners. Below are a list of three ways to find affordable coverage.

1) Membership group for discounted dental rates. This option is not traditional insurance. Instead, it’s a membership group that you can join, often for a nominal annual membership fee, that allows you access to a network of dentists who offer their services at discounted rates. There are many of these groups out there and the specifics of each vary tremendously. Determine what your estimated needs will be for the upcoming year and find a plan that fits your situation.

2) Networking or other business groups. You may already belong to one of these groups. They are filled with small business owners, all with similar needs to yours. Many of these groups already have a dental insurance membership plan in place for its members and you can get discounted premiums because you are applying as part of a group, rather than as an individual. Even if the networking club you belong to or want to join doesn’t have a plan in place, you can poll the members of the group and find out if there are enough people who also need dental coverage to start one.

3) Social groups. Just as with the business networking groups, social clubs that many business owners belong to also can for a group to get group rates on dental insurance.

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