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Friday , January 21 2022

How to Choose Dental Insurance Plans For Individuals

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When the option to obtain dental insurance is just not available to you through your employer, it is time to look into obtaining an individual dental plan. There are many types of individual dental insurance plans to choose from. Some dental insurance plans for individuals are traditional ones.

Traditional dental plans sometimes allow an individual to choose any dentist to visit. However, if that individual goes to a dentist within the plan’s network, the charges will be a lot cheaper. Dentists maintain contracts with certain dental insurance carriers, so it is best when choosing a carrier to know whether your dentist participates in that plan. Major services are usually covered in these traditional plans, although most not fully. Major services can include dentures and crowns. Many traditional dental plans for individuals will only cover a portion of a major dental procedure. The cost for a traditional plan is much higher than other plans because the reimbursement rates are higher and there is a lot more flexibility when choosing a dentist.

The lowest dental insurance plan for individuals is usually a dental health maintenance organization. In this type of plan, you must visit an in network dentist, there is no choice. A DHMO is most often the most cost effective; however, dentists who actually participate in the plan are usually limited. So your choice for a dentist may not be covered. Most of the individual plans require a deductible of some type. These deductibles are smaller for an individual and increase for family coverage.

Dental insurance plans for individuals sometimes cost a little more per month than plans that one can obtain through an employer; however, they are not usually a lot more. In fact, many individual plan providers offer the individual the ability to pay for their care yearly. Humana Dental offers its customers the ability to pay for their coverage in a lump sum yearly, with a small discount for paying all at once. For a lot of people, this is an attractive option. Getting it out of the way and not having to remember to make the monthly premium payment is terrific.

Some people only need individual coverage for a short time, such as between jobs. There are many plan providers that make it easy for you to customize your own dental plan needs. This way you are not locked into a long term policy that you are paying yourself, if you obtain new employment that offers dental coverage. Other dental plans can have very high deductibles, as high as 10,000 dollars per year, an option that is definitely not for everyone. As one can easily determine, the options for individual coverage are virtually endless.

An overlooked part of a dental insurance plan is the prescription coverage that may or may not be included. If an individual does not have prescription coverage through a health insurance plan, he or she may decide to choose a dental plan for individuals that include prescription drug coverage. If medication is needed during or after a dental procedure, they are covered.

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