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Saturday , June 12 2021

What is Discount Dental Insurance?

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There are so many different types of insurance policies for dental work that often, people become confused about the terms. To simplify things, we can break down dental coverage into two types – traditional and non traditional. Traditional dental insurance works the same way as medical coverage or health insurance. You pay premiums to be covered then when you see a dentist you pay a co pay amount or a deductible. Your insurance company covers the rest of the cost. So, what is discount dental insurance? Many people refer to these new discount dental plans as discount dental insurance.

Discount plans are different from traditional insurance in the way that you don’t pay premiums for coverage. Instead, you pay a one time membership fee to be part of the discount group. This fee is usually pretty small, 100 to 150 dollars for membership. When you go to the dentist, instead of paying a co-payment or deductible, you receive predetermined discounts from the dentist and need to pay the rest of the amount out of pocket.

The main positive to these plans is that you save a lot of money in not paying premiums. If you only go to the dentist once or twice a year and rarely require any type of surgery or big procedure, these plans will save you a lot of money. The negative to these plans is that although the discounts are usually pretty big, you are still responsible to pay a pretty good amount of money out of pocket when you go to the dentist.

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