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Monday , October 25 2021

Dental Discount Cards

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What are dental discount cards? Dental discount cards are provided to their members by many discount dental plan networks. These cards allow you, the consumer, to receive substantial discounts on things like crowns, dentures, cleanings, x-rays and much, much, more.

The biggest feature of having a discount card is the fact the you can use it to see a participating dentist for an existing condition. Insurance companies will not pay for preexisting conditions until you’ve owned the policy for at least one year and maybe never, depending on the condition. However, discount dental plans are not insurance, therefore you can be seen for most any pre-existing condition with no trouble at all.

Here’s how the process works.

#1. You locate a participating dentist in your area and see if they are accepting new patients. Simply make a few calls until you find a dentist that has room to accept you.

#2. Make an appointment to see the dentist.

#3. Go to your appointment and show them your discount dental card when you check in.

#4. After you’ve seen the dentist, pay the amount due in full. It will be discounted anywhere from 10 percent all the way up to 60%, depending on the work that was performed.

You must pay the amount in full because this is how the system works. You see, dentists often have money out on payments and they also have to wait up to 45 days to be reimbursed by insurance companies. Also, sometimes an insurance company will refuse a treatment or procedure that was done for a patient. This leaves the dentist “holding the bag”. By agreeing to do the work at a discount they receive cash in hand. This is a really great deal for both the dentist and the consumer.

It’s really a very simple process and it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your dental care needs.

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