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Friday , January 21 2022


Your dental health is as important as your body health, and it should not be neglected. If you are looking forward to getting an individual dental insurance plan, get one soon, but only after having serious considerations and comparisons among the available dental insurance plans offered in the market today.

Dental insurance plan is similar to your medical insurance plan where you need to pay for a monthly fix premium, which then you are permitted for a range of benefits. Most dental insurance benefits came with the dental preventative care in mind.

There are many options where you can use to select your desired insurance plan, but the key is to perform a detail research on these plan and select the one which best fit your needs – study how each plan differ than the other in terms of the coverage, limitations, cost, procedure, and how each plan helps you to satisfy your dental care needs.

You may get useful information on dental insurance plan which are available in the market from performing the internet, seek advice from your relatives or friends, or consulting your regular dentist, their recommendations will help you to make the right choice as they can tell the goodness of the plan itself if they are in it.

Some key criteria to take into considerations for dental insurance plan selections,

a. Some plan requires you to pay some minimum amount when you visit the dentist, while other plans require you to pay the full amount out-front where the insurance company will only reimburse you later.
select the one of your preference.

b. What are the specific procedures which are covered?

– Are cavity filling, tightening of braces, and root canal procedure 100% covered by the insurance company or only some substantial amount is covered, such as 60%, while 40% of the procedures will have to be bear by the policy holder? This is crucial to check out properly out-front because orthodontic treatments can be very much expensive as compared to the basic dental treatments.

– Most of the individual dental plan cover for common basic dental procedures such as bi-yearly cleaning services, general oral checkup twice a year, and x-rays. Anything outside of these categories need to be paid by the policy holders themselves. Therefore it is worthwhile to take advantage of the preventive care benefits which are offered with a good dental insurance plan.

c. Deductible.

– Consider if you really need to get the deductible plan and what deductible value you wanted it to be.

– If you get a RM1500 deductible, while on average you would have spend RM500 the most on dental treatments each year, then it will be more beneficial to change for a dental program with a lower deductible where you will be able to get more use out of it for good.

d. Are there a list of pre defined dental clinics where the policy owner can choose from, or the policy owner may visit their regular dentist but they need to pay a higher premium in return. If you choose for the former, you need to check out if there are any participating dentists which are available around where you live or where you work for your convenience.

e. The Monthly premium. Keep in mind that the lowest price premium does not mean it is the best plan. Never ever choose the lowest price plan without assessing in details on all of the relevant. The same goes for the high monthly premium plan. The insurance plan may get expensive if it covers a lot of major dental procedures , but again, the plan will not be attractive or suitable for you if it does not cover what you need.

f. Are there limitations to schedule appointments?

– Some dentist limit the scheduling time made available for some of their dental insurance customers. If you are someone who don’t have fixed working hours, probably this is an important area which you need to check in exact for.

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