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Sunday , January 16 2022

Discount Dental Cards – Money Saving “Dentist” Secrets


Discount dental cards are cards that allow you or your family to receive dental services; including cleanings, minor dental work, major dental work and more, at a significantly reduced price.

Although the plans themselves aren’t secret, discount dental cards are something that not everybody knows about. If they do know about it, they may not know where or how to get a discount card.

Here are some secrets about dental discount cards that can save you a lot of money!

Most Dentists Prefer Discount Plans to Dental Insurance

What you don’t hear about on a daily basis is how your dentist feels about dental insurance plans. There are some they like, because the insurance company pays quickly and accurately. But, there are other dental insurers that don’t pay quickly and consistently make mistakes when paying the dentist.

Why do Dentists Prefer Discount Plans?

I have worked with many dentists in the past that have dealt with multiple dental insurance companies. As mentioned, there are some that they like OK, but there are some they roll their eyes at.

Does Your Dental Plan Affect Your Dental Care?

My family used to have a dental insurance plan that dentists rolled their eyes at. I quickly fixed that problem. It’s an uneasy feeling knowing that the dentist working on your teeth may have hassles with collecting the payment for your services. It made me wonder about how that affected their work. I want to make sure my dentist is happy, so I can feel good about my family receiving dental care from their office.

Dental Discount Plans are “No-Hassle” for Dentist Offices

Because you pay for the services up front, the dentist doesn’t have to worry about getting paid correctly, or getting paid in a timely manner. They had agreed to give you pre-negotiated discounts. You simply pay a reduced amount for your services, and everyone is happy. Best of all, dental discount cards are so affordable, applications to dental discount plans have increased dramatically over the last few years.

Should I Get a Dental Discount Card?

Some individuals and families are better off having insurance; especially if you or your family have dental work done regularly. However, if you normally go to the dentist for cleanings, and occasional dental work during the year, getting a discount card will save you hundreds of dollars per yearin plan and dental costs over your traditional dental insurance plan.

Find out which discount dental card programs are offered in your local area by visiting my dental discount card website and typing in your zip code.

If you aren’t convinced yet, at least consider the idea of using a discount program instead of dental insurance by learning more. It can save you or your family hundreds of dollars per year!

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