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Thursday , January 20 2022

Self Employed Dental Insurance


The small business person has more than one choice for dental expense insurance. They may be able to purchase a group insurance plan, a combined dental care and medical care insurance policy may be something they can acquire directly from their insurer, a standalone dental expense insurance policy may be available and simply paying for care out-of-pocket is another choice.

Group dental care insurance may be available to you through your spouse’s employer or through your business. If you only have a few employees, a group plan through your business may not be the best alternative. The best prices are given to larger employers. This means that if you have a spouse you may want to investigate options available through his or her employer.

The second best choice may be to acquire a dental expense insurance policy that is part of a package that includes medical protection. These policies are often well-priced and have good benefits. They are often the best option for those cannot get dental coverage through an employer although they are usually not quite as good as dental policies that are available through large employer sponsored policies. Standalone dental insurance is also an option, however, dental discount policies are often better. (See below).

Standalone dental expense policies are often purchased by those who need immediate dental coverage. This drives the price up and lowers the benefits available. insurance companies will generally make new policy holders wait for one or two years before major expenses are covered by these types of policies.

Because of this waiting period, these policies are not viable for those who need work done right away. Dental Care discount plans are often much better choices for those who have an immediate need for dental care. Standalone dental expense insurance is usually so poorly priced that in many cases individuals and families will do better by paying for dental expenses out of their pocket.

You may find that group insurance isn’t available to you or it isn’t a good choice. You may also find that purchasing a policy that includes medical insurance is similarly unavailable or unattractive. If this is true, a dental care discount plan may be your best option. A dental expense discount plan isn’t insurance. However, it can be a very good deal.

For an annual premium that might be the equivalent of two or three months of dental care coverage premiums a dental discount plan can help you get 25% or even 35% off the cost of your dental treatment with no significant waiting period. This means that you can acquire a policy and get a discount of hundreds of dollars on your plan’s effective date. For this reason many insurance agents recommend dental care discount plans for their clients who are unable to get group coverage and for whom a packaged health care and a dental care insurance policy is not an option.

It pays to look at all of your medical care and dental care coverage alternatives if you are self employed. The best option may lay with your spouse or domestic partner’s employer-sponsored plan, a dental care and health care insurance policy you acquire directly from your insurer, a standalone dental policy or a discount dental plan.

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