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Friday , January 21 2022

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The objective of dental insurance is to cover a certain percentage of your dental expenses. Every insurance companies have different policies regarding dental coverage. This kind of insurance policies sometimes can be very confusing to understand for most people.

It is very important for you as a customer to understand what kind of coverage you get from your policy. Read all of the fine prints before you commit to a contract.

Many people are confused about the orthodontic dental insurance. First of all not all of the health insurance providers offer this kind of insurance policy. There are only some of the leading insurance companies that cover orthodontic dental insurance.

What kind of coverage can you expect from the orthodontic dental insurance policy?

Your policy should cover all or part of the dental procedures relating to orthodontic treatment. These are procedures such as oral surgery for recessed gums or the removal of wisdom teeth.

The policy should also cover the cost for realignment of teeth for health reasons. This should also include the cost for braces and related procedures.

Be careful with the oral cosmetic surgery that are not health related. Some of the orthodontic insurance policy do not cover expenses related to dental cosmetic procedures.

Again the coverage from your insurance company would depends on many factors such as the amount of deductibles, exclusion and substitution clauses and maximum benefits allowed.

Is Orthodontic dental insurance necessary?

Orthodontic procedures can be quite expensive. Depending on where you live, in the continental USA it can run anywhere between $3000 to $5000 on average.

If you have family with children it is advisable to have such a coverage because chances are some of your children may need orthodontic procedures.

Are there alternatives to orthodontic insurance?

Yes there are alternatives, some orthodontist offer a payment plan for those who do not have dental coverage. You have the chance to spread your payments over a period of your treatment normally about 12 months.

The other great alternatives is to sign up under a dental plan network. With the dental plan network you are entitled to a great discounts on any dental procedures including orthodontic.

Dental plan network also works very well for people who are not insured or who do not have full coverage of health insurance.

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