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Wednesday , December 8 2021

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Now that you’ve convinced that you need some type of dental coverage, you may be asking yourself which is better – a Dental Plan or Dental Insurance. Before answering that question, let’s look a little closer at a few items:

What are the typical features in typical plans?
Will a plan save me more money than insurance?
Which option is better for you?

You may think that coverage is a complicated decision. It can be; however, with the right information, you’ll make a great decision for you and your family. While many insurance providers will claim to offer the best insurance plan, the best discount plans, or the best coverage, all you really want to know is you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong at the best price. First, let’s take a look at plans.

What are dental plans?

Dental plans are simply an agreement between you and an insurance company or a plan benefit company. Here are some of the common features:

* Discounts on dental costs

* Easy approval processes

* Choice of a dentist or dental care professional from a list or network

In short, a plan is for someone looking to reduce their dental care costs with little hassle, paperwork, or complications.

What makes a plan different from insurance?

Here are some of the key differences:

* Plans generally have an easier application process.

* No waiting time with a plan.

* No Exams to qualify for a plan.

* Some plans offer discounts on treatment of pre-existing conditions

Plans cover some of the same processes as insurance. For example, with a plan you may be covered for cleanings, fillings, root canals, and other dental work. The claims process with dental plans is usually easier. With dental insurance, you may need to fill out forms that need to be sent in to your dentist or to the dental insurance company. With a dental plan, however, you often only need to show your policy number, policy card, or membership card. Your dentist will usually fill out all the paperwork or will simply give you the dental discount. At that point, you’ll only need to pay your reduced dental costs directly to the dentist.

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