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Wednesday , January 19 2022

What Kind of California Dental Insurance Can I Expect?


California is a huge state with varied climates,terrain and populations. As you might expect, the variety of options available for dental care and insurance is plentiful. Nonetheless, it is fairly easy to find California dental insurance for you and your family.

Among the kinds of dental insurance available you will find assistance from Medi-Cal. DentiCal, or CalWORKS or even SSI. Some people who approach dentists with these plans are expected to pay part of the costs, others are not.

Be sure to ask so you are not surprised when you get to the dentist. Medi-Cal beneficiaries have their costs calculated every month by looking at your net income (after taxes) and deducting what is considered to be your level of “maintenance need”. In addition, you might have to meet a certain threshold of dental and medical expenses before the assistance is applicable. Actually that is one reason some people purchase California dental insurance because it helps them meet their medical health care threshold and become eligible for Medi-Cal assistance.

If that is confusing, don’t be surprised. That is why insurance agents exist. The state office which regulates dental insurance can actually help steer you through the many different programs that California has.

For instance, California also has an extensive dental network with different plans that offer the following benefits:

No deductibles
No claim forms
Free exams, x-rays or cleaning every 6 months
No waiting periods
No restrictions on many pre-existing conditions
No annual maximums
And some include orthodontic braces for children and adults.
With all of these kinds of features and alternatives for dental insurance so available throughout California it is hard to imagine that, more Californians are “likely to be uninsured and more likely to either not afford coverage or be denied for pre-existing conditions than residents of other industrialized countries, or most other states,” according to Anthony Wright of HealthAccess.

One example of this type of under-insured situation is with the kind of dental insurance known as DentiCal. As recently as 2009 more than 3 million Californians depended on DentiCal. This included children, low-income, elderly and disabled adults. Even though it is readily known that your oral health and overall health are intricately connected, the funding for that program was cut again in 2010.

If you already have a dentist for your family and you are comfortable with him/her, you are best advised to look into whatever California dental insurance they provide or honor at their office. That makes a lot more sense than changing dentists all the time. Those routine dental visits with someone who knows your mouth and oral health are a major part of preventive dental care. That is what minimizes the chances of getting serious dental problems.

When I lived in California I did not know any of this and simply went to a dentist recommended by a friend. That was when I learned how truly expensive it was to see a dentist without insurance.

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