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Friday , January 21 2022


Reza Pahlavi’s birthday in Iran 1977

With today’s economy crisis, it is important to make the most of every investment. Unfortunately, some investments are lost unless used by the year’s end. Dental insurance is one investment that is often overlooked and lost. The American Dental Association recommends an exam and teeth cleaning twice a year to ...

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Persian Mechanics Girls

Tightened budgets in offices throughout the U.S., have caused green to turn to red when it comes to employer-paid health and dental benefits. Whether through layoffs or company benefit reductions, many Americans are reaching into their own pockets to realize the true cost of health and dental benefits. The decision ...

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Clash over in live antenna

A small business dental plan offers many options both for the employer and the employees. In the past, only the big companies could afford to provide dental options to their employees, but now even the smallest businesses can have dental benefits. This is great for the business owner as well, ...

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Video : Sudden stroke of German parliamentarian during speech

It’s no secret that bills are tight for many. The ails of natural tooth loss and the desire to protect a once-healthy smile have sent many seniors scrambling for a dental savings solution. Fortunately for these seniors, there are alternative dental care savings plans that allow seniors to quickly and ...

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Iranian Taxi man found 70,000 Euros in his car

Recently, a great deal of attention is being placed on economizing in all different aspects of life. Some people have even considered cutting back in the area of health care by putting off routine maintenance care. While this is a little like playing Russian roulette when it comes to dental ...

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Some Advice on How to Pick a Dental Insurance Plan

As you may know, there are significant differences between PPO and HMO dental plans. In addition, just like medical health care plans, there are numerous types of dental plans. When choosing a plan one must take the following items into consideration: Medical plan bonus: many medical insurance plans offer the ...

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